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Tue, Sep. 19th, 2006, 02:37 am
scoob2222: Fic: The Next Generation of Slayers

Title: The Next Generation of Slayers
Fandom: This fic is based on the show Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Basically it tells the story of the new vampire slayer, Claire, who is the only slayer left fighting to save the world. This fic also includes other characters from BTVS, Angel and Charmed. It is based on a vid made by gofornikki. You can view it http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VYDUCF96fII
A/N: Okay I read the rules and didn't see anything that would tell me if this kind of post was okay or not. If fic is not allowed then please delete. Bascially this is a fic based on BTVS, but I have crossed over Chris and Wyatt from Charmed. Chris will have a very big role in the fic. Once again, I hope this is okay.

Amber Tamblyn as Claire, the newest vampire slayer
Alexis Bledel as Becky, Claire’s best friend
Drew Fuller is Chris (from Charmed)—he’s been sent back from the future once again, this time not to save his brother, but to save the new Slayer and without letting her know he’s from the future. He’s also got to steer clear of future wife Becky so that her death does not repeat itself. He can’t let himself fall back in love with her.
Vincent Kartheiser is Connor—determined to seek revenge for his father’s death, he trusts no one and wants only to punish his father’s killer regardless of who he kills along the way
Jason Simmons is Wyatt Halliwell—returns from the future to help his brother save the world.
Michelle Trachtenberg is Dawn Summers
Alyson Hannigan is Willow Rosenburg
Nicholas Brendon as Xander.



It’s been three months of hiding. Moving from place to place so no one will find them. Using all of her magical ability to cloak them from the people looking for them. It was becoming too much for her body to take. They needed to find somewhere more permanent to hide.

There had been no sign of magic for every bit of those three months. She tried to search and could detect no one but herself. And no other slayers seemed to have survived. At least none that she could locate using whatever resources she could get her hands on.

There was nothing left. She, Willow Rosenburg, was the last witch left in the world. Xander Harris and Dawn Summers were all that was left of a once strong Watcher’s Council. And slayers, well the slayers were extinct. And they would follow very soon if something didn’t change.

And then, once they were gone, there would be nothing stopping the forces of darkness from taking over entirely.

The world was going to end….again, but there would be no coming back this time.

Three days later everything changed.


It was just after midnight on October 5, 2010 when they arrived in the new Sunnydale.

“I still don’t understand the point of coming back to a place with things that constantly tried to kill us as teenagers and is now nothing more than a gigantic hole.”

“For one, Xander,” Dawn said, clearly exasperated and having repeated this many times, “Sunnydale has been rebuilt in the last seven years. For another thing, this is the last place anyone would expect us to go, and, most importantly, Willow felt the first magic in three months coming from here a few days ago.”

“It could be evil magic. It could be something trying to trick us into coming here so they could…”

“Xander,” it was Willow this time, stopping and pulling him aside as Dawn continued to walk a few steps ahead of them, “I know that this is a big risk…”

“A big…” he started, eyes wide with disbelief.

“But we don’t have a choice. If...” Willow’s voice was stern and sad in a way he hadn’t heard, even in the last few months. Xander wrapped an arm around her and nodded, “Okay, okay, we go back to Sunnydale.” Arm and arm he and Willow followed Dawn back to the once place they never thought they’d see again….home.


Claire tried very hard to find something more boring than trigonometry, but nothing was coming to mind. Luckily she had her sharpies and she put them to good use by drawing intricate pictures over her math problems.

She glanced over at Becky, poor Becky, she loved her, really, but the girls did nothing but study, study and study more. What was the point of learning how to calculate the curve of a parabola? When would that be useful in real life?

She glanced down at her picture and was mildly confused. When had she drawn all that blood? Scary and abstract was so not her thing.

“Claire,” Becky was calling, “Claire, class is over. You missed all of the notes and the homework assignment…again.”

Claire looked up from her drawing and gave Becky a smile, “You didn’t happen to….”

Becky just glared and handed over her notebook, “I need that back by the end of the day.”

“Sure, I’ll copy it in Spanish.”

“But then how will you learn anything in….” Becky trailed off at the look on Claire’s face and headed toward her locker.

Claire settled next to her and watched Becky carefully stack her books back in the locker and remove the new ones. The books were organized from top to bottom by size. If two were the same size then they went by alphabetical order. Becky really, really needed a boyfriend, or a hobby, or anything.

“So are we going to The X tonight,” she asked.

Becky turned to her and sighed, “Claire, we have a huge paper tomorrow that you haven’t even started.”

Claire rolled her eyes, “Yeah, why the Byzantine Empire failed and who the hell cares. I’ll write it in math tomorrow. Come on, Becky, you can’t stay in doing homework forever.”

Becky glared, but then shrugged, “Fine, but just for a few hours and only if you promise to do your paper when you get home today.”

Claire held up two fingers in the Scout’s honor sign, and crossed to fingers behind her back.

Becky smiled, “You’ll thank me when you get into college,” she sing-songed as she hurried to her next class.

Claire didn’t remind her that college was people wasting their times learning boring things and that even if she got in she’d never be able to pay for it. It would just ruin Becky’s day.


“The X,” Chris whispered disdainfully as he entered the club. This place left him wishing for P3. It was nothing more than a dirty box like shack crammed with tons of teenagers.

Well, at least she was going to be here. He knew that. They both would be.

Tonight was the night that the new slayer would rise and prepare to save humanity.

Or it could be the night that doomed them forever.

Fri, Jan. 5th, 2007 12:37 am (UTC)
sarah_k7: Looking forward to more

Sounds like an interesting story, can't wait to read more ^_^

Fri, Jan. 5th, 2007 12:41 am (UTC)
scoob2222: Re: Looking forward to more

Thanks so much! More coming soon.